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List of artists currently represented in the Gallery

Kriegsschule - Prussian Military Academy Student c early 19th Century
These meticulous formation plans and measured drawings of fortifications in pencil, ink and coloured wash were possibly the work of a student at the Prussian (German) military academy in Berlin. It is hard to date them, but I'd guess around 1820-1840.
Patrick William Adam, P.W. RSA 1854-1929
Adam was born in Edinburgh and studied at the RSA Schools before embarking on a career as a portraitist …..
Thomas Allom 1804 - 1872
English architect & artist. Founding member of what became RIBA. Chiefly known as a topographical illustrator who travelled extensively in the middle east; his drawings were published in various books from 1840.
George Denholm Armour OBE 1864-1949
Painter in oils and watercolours of horses and hunting scenes. Painted and hunted with his friend Joseph Crawhall. Illustrator and cartoonist with Punch, The Graphic, Country Life and the Illustrated London News.
George Balmer 1805 - 1846
Northumberland watercolour artist and topographical illustrator, influenced by the work of J WIlson Ewbank. Collaborateded with the engraver William Finden on a book published by George Virtue; "The Ports, Harbours, Watering-Places and Coast Scenery o
Antoine-Louis Barye 1796-1875
Barye was the earliest and most famous of the French animalier school, renowned …..
Denis Pierre Bergeret Chevalier de la legion d'Honneur French, 1846-1910
He was born at Villeparisis in 1846 and trained under Eugene Isabey and Jules Lefebvre. Popular still-life painter of seafood, flowers and fruit, influenced by Antoine Vollon. MORE........
Samuel John "Lamorna" Birch RA RWS RWA 1869-1955
Painter in oils and watercolours of landscape, noted for his paintings of fishing beats; his watercolour scenes of Scottish rivers are especially prized.
Lived and worked at Lamorna, near Newlyn.
John Blair 1850-1934
Edinburgh watercolour painter of topographical views of towns and villages on the East Coast of Scotland.
Sam Bough RSA 1822-1878
Prolific Carlisle watercolourist and occasional painter in oils of typical Highlands landscapes.
Florence St John Cadell 1877-1966
A distant cousin of the Colourist F C B, "Bunty" Cadell, she is best known for her colourful sunfilled landscapes and market scenes.
Katharine Cameron (Kate Cameron) RSW RE 1874-1965
Flower and landscape painter in watercolour, oil and gouache; book illustrator, as well as an accomplished etcher. Sister of Sir David Young Cameron
William Arthur Lawrie Carrick 1879-1964
Glasgow born architect turned painter, best known for bright coastal and beach scenes. MORE.........
John Heaviside Clark 1771-1863
John Heaviside Clark (c.1771–1836) was a Scottish aquatint engraver and painter of seascapes and landscapes. He was also known as Waterloo Clark, because of the sketches he made on the field directly after the Battle of Waterloo.
William Clark of Greenock 1803-1883
Glasgow marine painter, renowned for his accurate ship portraits.
from Edinburgh Coppersmith early 19th Century
Jelly mould made c. 1810 for leading Edinburgh confectioners, Montgomery & Co, 5 Princes Street
French Coppersmith 19th Century 19th Century
To follow
Agnes M Cowieson 1880-1940
Cowieson was a sympathetic painter of animals, figures, interiors and landscapes in oil and watercolour. Though living …..
David (after) Cox snr RWS 1783 - 1859
This decent quality, mid 19th century copy of one of David Cox's best known watercolours (on show at Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery until 3rd May) may possibly be the work of one of his pupils.
Joseph Crawhall RSW 1861-1913
Crawhall was one of the most talented and highly regarded animal artists ever produced by Scotland. His favourite subjects were horses, dogs and other animals, often painted on linen or silk. MORE.....
Roland Oxford Davies 1904-1993
Welsh cartoonist, illustrator and painter with a humorous and vivid imagination. Studied as a lithographer and went on to produce cinema posters and illustrations for Autocar and Motorcycle. Worked during the War for Ministry of Information
George Horace Davis RSMA SAA 1881 - 1963
One of the finest exponents of the "cutaway" graphic illustrations of aircraft, ships, tanks and engineering of the 20th century. Davis was a staff artist for the "Graphic" and the "Sphere" & Chief Staff Artist of "The Illustrated London News.
Mabel Dawson RSW SSA 1887-1965
Peter de Wint OWS 1784-1849
English landscape painter in watercolour and occasionally oils; universally recognised as a true master of watercolour.
Eugene Dekkert 1865-1956
Dutch or German born East Neuk of Fife painter in oils and watercolours of landscapes and coastal scenes in the manner of the Hague School. MORE........
Auguste Delacroix 1809-1868
French painter of beach and sea-shore genre scenes; also painted in North Africa.


Miss Anna Dixon RSW 1873-1959
Edinburgh painter in oils & watercolours of birds, animals and landscape who exhibited prolifically between 1894 and 1958.
John Doyle HB 1797-1868
Dublin-born cartoonist and caricaturist, Doyle is considered a founder of the school of British satirists. Kinder and gentler than Hogarth, Rowlandson or Gilray, from the mid 1820s he regularly satirised prominent people and events of the day
B. McKillan Drummond (or Dowinar) fl. 1850–1880
Drummond/Dowinar was a ship portraitist working in Leith in the mid-19th Century. I believe, but cannot prove, that Dowinar emigrated to Scotland, possibly from present day Slovakia around 1845 and adopted the more Scots-sounding name of Drummond. MORE:
English 16th Century
16th Century copy after an English painter, unknown, working around the reign of Henry Vll (r. 1485-1509), who painted this Portrait of Christ, in profile looking left.
20th Century European School mid-20th Century.
Nothing can be discovered about this competent artist
John Duncan Fergusson RBA 1874-1961
William Findlay 1875-1960
Glasgow School painter of portraits, figurative works, landscapes and murals in oils. Trained in Glasgow and Paris, he was associated with the “Glasgow Boys” and a set of four of his murals hangs in Glasgow City Chambers Banqueting Hall.
Christophe Fratin 1800-1864
Fratin's expert understanding of animal form no doubt stems from helping his father, who was a taxidermist. His initial …..
Professor John Thomas Young (Jack) Gilroy Hon MA ARCA FRSA 1898-1985
Newcastle born society and military portrait painter, illustrator and cartoonist, Jack Gilroy was also an award winning graphic artist for Guinness.
Arthur Trevor Haddon RBA 1864-1941
Haddon was a painter and watercolourist of the Italian and Spanish landscape and country genre. Also travelled in North and South America.
Edward Prince Halton FRCS 1797-1873
Josef Herman OBE RA 1911-1999
Warsaw painter who moved to Glasgow and then settled in Swansea Valley. Best known for his figue drawings of miners.
Adrian Keith Graham Hill 1895-1977
Adrian Keith Graham Hill (1895-1977) was born in Charlton, London. He was a British artist, author, and educator; he published many books and initiated art therapy.
Herbert William Hillier b. 1869 fl.1900-1930
London architect and painter-etcher. Became a war artist who sketched the Gallipoli Campaign from a balloon in 1915. He made fine, highly detailed etchings of cathedrals in Paris and Amiens
Frank Hodgkinson AM 1919-2001
Frank Hodgkinson was at the forefront of the Abstract Expressionist movement in Australia in the late 1950's and early 1960's.
Robert Houston after Joseph Crawhall RSW 1891-1942
Houston was a Glasgow painter in oils and watercolours of landscapes, mainly coastal scenery and lochans and figurative subjects. He painted in a powerful style, mainly landscapes of the west coast and western isles.
Italian late 19th century
Unknown but competent Italian artist, working probably towards the end of the 19th Century.
Alexander Jamieson IS ROI 1873-1937
Glasgow artist who painted in a broad colourful impressionist style. Travelled in Europe and painted landscapes and town scenes; especially drawn to France.


James Kay RSA RSW 1858-1942
Kay was famous for his bustling, colourful street scenes in Glasgow, London and France and for his busy, well detailed paintings of shipping on the Clyde MORE.....
Henry Wright Kerr RSA RSW 1857 - 1936
Edinburgh painter in oil and watercolour of portraits and figurative subjects, best known for his portraits of characterful elderly gentlemen.
Francois Hippolyte Lalaisse 1810-1884
French painter and illustrator working in Paris from 1835 until 1875. Noted for his meticulous illustrations of regional costume and military uniforms - "Types Militaires"
Joseph-Marie-Thomas (Jef) Lambeaux 1852-1908
Leading Belgian figurative sculptor of the Belgian Realist School of the late 19th Century.
after Sir Edwin Henry Landseer RA 1802-1873
Isabella Scott Lauder 1839-1918
Edinburgh painter in oils and watercolours of portraits, interiors and landscape. Her parents were Robert Scott Lauder RSA, painter of historical and genre subjects and Isabella, daughter of the Rev John Thomson of Duddingston
Prosper Lecourtier 1851-1924
Successful French Animalier sculptor in bronze, working between 1875 and 1902.
Robert Lenkiewicz 1941-2002
Bold and flamboyant figure painter, working somewhat in the style of Lucien Freud. Famous for his innovative themed projects and for his female nudes, many of whom were his partners.
James Little fl. 1875-1910
He painted in Paris during the mid-1880s but was primarily an Edinburgh artist in oils and watercolours of landscapes, townscapes …..
R MacAuley mid to late 19th century
Little is known of MacAuley, but his small landscape watercolours turn up fairly frequently at auctions in the UK and USA, usually in pairs and nicely framed. Subjects include the hills of Scotland, the Lake District and Wales. Probably a prolific amate
John Maclauchlan Milne RSA 1886-1957
Edinburgh painter, "second generation Colourist" who painted sunlit scenes of the West Coast of Scotland and the South of France
John MacWhirter RA HRSA RI RE 1839-1911
John George Mathieson fl. 1918 - 1940
Stirlingshire painter and etcher of town and landscapes in a faithful style; influenced by the etchings of Sir D.Y. Cameron.
Robert Ranald McIan ARSA 1803-1856
Actor, painter and a proud Highlander, descended from the MacDonalds of Glencoe. After a successful career on the London stage, he turned to painting Scottish historical, genre and battle subjects in oils.
Maurice Millière 1871-1946
Parisian illustrator, famed for his mildly erotic watercolours and etchings of déshabillé yet coy young women
Margaret Mitchell (Mrs Brian Lascelles) DA born c.1940
Scottish botanical, garden and landscape painter.
Hugh Munro RGI 1873-1928
Glasgow landscape, flower and beach scene painter in oil.
James Stuart Park 1862-1933
Fashionable Glasgow painter of flowers who used a bold, stylised technique.
Arthur Douglas Peppercorn RI ROI NEAC 1847-1924
"The English Corot" as he was dubbed, Peppercorn recorded the more sombre yet subtle tones of the English countryside in Surrey and the West Counry in oils and watercolours.
Sir Robin J. Philipson HRA PPRSA FRSA RSW RGI DLitt LLD 1916 - 1992
Popular and highly influential Edinburgh painter of colourful expressionist figurative subjects ranging through abstracts, cock-fights, cathedral interiors and stained glass to women of the demi-monde. MORE:
Alexander Ignatius Roche RSA NEAC RP 1861-1921
"Glasgow Boy" Alexander Roche received a thorough schooling in art in Paris. On his return, he began painting romantic figures in summer landscapes. Later turned successfully to portraiture in the USA.

John Romney 1785-1863
Newcastle born watercolourist; prolific engraver and etcher. Much of Romney's work was reproductions of the work of other artists. Produced 199 plates for views of "Paris & its Environs" by Augustus Pugin and plates for an edition for William Hogarth
David Thomas Rose MICE 1871-1964
Trained as an artist but followed a career as a civil engineer, David Rose was a prolific painter, producing over 3,000 watercolours and drawings of marketplaces, construction workers, ships and stevedores, among a huge variety of subjects.
after Sir Peter Markham Scott CH CBE DSC & Bar FRS FZS 1909-1989
Scottish School c1715
Alain Senez 1948-
Thomas Hosmer Shepherd 1792–1864
Thomas Hosmer Shepherd (1793–1864) was a watercolour painter and engraver of buildings and townscapes. Thomas was the brother of topographical artist George "Sidney" Shepherd. He is best known for 38 important drawings of Edinburgh.
John Smart RSA RSW RBA 1838-1899
David Murray Smith RBA RWS 1865-1952
Edinburgh born landscape artist, renowned for his Barbizon inspired handling of sky. An exhibition of his tranquil English watercolours was held at the Calton Gallery in 1991.
Julius Le Blanc Stewart, J le B. 1855 -1919
American who trained and lived in Paris; fashionable portrait painter to European aristocracy and American expatriate society.
William Arnold Stewart, W.A. 1882-1953
Samuel Dukinfield Swarbreck fl. 1830-1865
Samuel Swarbreck (fl. 1830-1865) was a painter of landscapes and townscapes and a well-known lithographer. Although he was originally from London, he is best known for his Scottish scenes.
Henry Walter Sweet 1889-1949
This lovely and romantic etching was made by Walter Henry Sweet, after a painting by John Shapland, in the earlier part of his career. It shows ‘The Bridge of Sighs’ in Venice. The artists worked together frequently and the etching is signed by both.
Freddy Theys b. 1937
Noted Belgian engraver of town scenes, portraits and botanical subjects, Freddy Theys has been visiting Scotland annualy for nearly twenty years to make sketches for his classic etchings.
George Grosvenor Thomas RSW 1856-1923
A frequent traveller, Thomas was influenced by the painters of the Barbizon School. He was regarded as a fringe member of the Glasgow Boys.
Alexander P Thomson RSW c. 1880-1962
Glasgow watercolourist and etcher who painted Highland views in a traditional style, little affected by the development of the Glasgow School and Glasgow Boys. His etchings were accurate and highly finished.
Unknown artist dates unknown
Willem Hendrick van der Nat 1864-1929
Dutch genre watercolourist, specialising in children and animals.
Louis William Wain 1860-1939
Prolific anthropomorphic painter and illustrator of cats. His work was hugely popular in Britain and latterly in the USA in the first two decades of the 19th Century. Illustrated over 200 books and 16 Christmas Annuals
Edward Williams senior 1781-1855
Land and riverscape painter in oils. Renowned for being the father of the Williams Family of six sons, all of whom became landscape painters, also known as the Barnes School; Castelnau, near the Thames being his home and studio from 1846
Sir James Lawton Wingate PRSA 1846-1924
Glasgow painter of atmospheric rural scenes who became an Edinburgh establishment artist, rising to become President of the Royal Scotish Academy
Aleksander Zyw 1905-1995
Polish artist who came to Edinburgh during the War with Free Polish forces. Settled here and painted landscapes and townscapes, turning to abstract in mid-career.