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A pariah dog - Morocco

By Joseph Crawhall RSW (1861-1913)
Category: Watercolours, Catalogue Reference C8046C

Provenance: G Denholm Armour and thence by descent.
Literature: "The Connoisseur" incorporating International Studio vol. 93, December 1936 p. 322-7, The Lighter Side of a Great Artist. Some Memories of Joseph Crawhall.
"Crawhall, or to use his nickname, "Creeps", used to look round for a pariah dog outside the town. Finding one sleeping off a surfeit of offal perhaps, .....the crack of a whip would set him going. The game was to keep as near to his route as possible, the nature of the country contributing to some pretty rough rides."
Watercolour, 2 x 2 ½ (13 ½ x 11) inches.

The artist
Crawhall was one of the most talented and highly regarded animal artists ever produced by Scotland. His favourite subjects were horses, dogs and other animals, often painted on linen or silk. MORE.....

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